Security Systems

Security Systems

To eliminate human inattention and forgetfulness, modern security equipment covers all aspects of security requirements in detail. Such systems have passive and active security breach response mechanism and allow detailed logging for future analysis and regulatory compliance.
Recent advancements in smart fire detection systems allow use of data for predictive analytics to detect possible causes of fire and helps to identify preventive actions.
We offer bespoke security solutions for home, office and industrial clients and provide full installation, support and maintenance services.
List below are some components of a security system.

CCTV Cameras / Video Surveillance

Forms the backbone of modern security systems and monitors the protected facility. If combined with modern computer vision, extends the image processing paradigm to include understanding of scene content, tracking and object classification. It is recommended to integrate video surveillance with access control and management (ACS) and fire and security alarm system (OPS) for increased benefits.

Access Control and Management System (ACS)

Controls unauthorized access to protected facilities. ACS interacts with other security systems for added benefits. When combined with a fire and security alarm system (OPS) for example, ACS can lock certain doors utilized during daily use and unlock doors needed for evacuation.

Fire and Security Alarm System (OPS)

OPS turns on the emergency alert mode and evacuation control system, activates sound alarms, and light panels showing escape routes including an automatic fire extinguishing system. An effective OPS system allows automatic communication with the emergency response team and fire department in the event of a fire. Modern systems also allow the identification of fire locations

Automatic Fire Extinguishing

Automatic fire extinguishing systems quickly eliminate fire based on type of extinguishing system in use i.e., water, gas, foam / water-foam, powder or aerosol, which is chosen based on certain parameters. For example, gas-based systems have minimal impact on items of value and generally used in museums, libraries and banks.

Perimeter Security

Such systems include specialized fences, infrared (IR) illumination and emergency lighting, electroshock system, alarm system, IR video surveillance system and microbolometers.

Security Systems Integration

Individual security components are combined in an integrated system for bespoke solutions, full protection, convenience, and centralized control.