An appropriate and aligned governance structure defines the system by which companies are controlled and operate, and provides the mechanism by which people in an organization are held accountable for their acts.


At the core of every successful business, integrity is a leading personality trait. Being honest, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, transparent, and open in all personal and business communications and transactions to develop trust among personnel, teams, and businesses is essential for healthy and mutually beneficial business relationships. It is due to this significance we base every employee and stakeholder on these values and make sure that every one of us commit to the convention.


Our internal policies and procedures ensure that our people are well aware of their responsibilities, and what is expected of them, and responsible for their actions. Our qualified and experienced personnel are independent in their decision-making and take initiative as long as they fully adhere to compliance and are responsible

Risk Management

Our project and operational risk management teams ensure thorough risk identification, selection of suitable responses to all known risks and assign appropriate contingency for all known and unknown risks based on size, complexity and importance of assigned work to ensure targets are achieved and objectives are met.

Continuous Improvement

We are at the dawn of an age of unprecedented technological advancements where continuous improvement and process analysis is not a luxury anymore. We believe in power of accumulation where every small change in every part of the business is part of a bigger success. Technological considerations are inevitable in successful process change initiatives and we make sure that we are not left behind in this arena.

Policies and Proceedure

Our policies and procedures provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations. They guide in decision making, help in standardization of work, save time, streamline internal processes and provide compliance with law.
Policies and procedures are only as good as the people who follow. That is why we encourage full participation of all teams in development and improvement processes and let them take ownership at work. It ensures better followed up policies and procedures and increased efficiency.


One of the greatest challenges our generation face is the environment and we are inspired in paying our debt to it, in a way, which let us feed the energy requirements of today and tomorrow, that is greener and preserves the environment for generations to come. Our teams are ready to play their part while society successfully transitions from predominant grey energy today to greener alternatives.