Construction Management / Construction Services

Construction Management / Construction Services

We accumulated a good reputation over the years for our multi-disciplinary construction services in the oil and gas sector. We are constantly on the lookout for technological advancements to help reduce construction and maintenance costs and improve reliability. We are planning to start using technologies like Digital Twins and Big Data to take advantage of predictive and prescriptive analytics in the near future. We complement our construction services with commissioning, start-up, and long-term maintenance. We work through all phases of project and construction management and provide qualified personnel for each trade.



Construction, installation, commissioning, and start-up of electrical and instrumentation (E&I) system

Procurement, fabrication, installation and testing of pipelines

Procurement, fabrication, and installation of structural steel and plate works

Site establishment

Camp facilities

The project management team (PMT) includes site engineering, scope development, planning, cost control, resource planning, quality control, HSSE, procurement, and material control teams and provides assistance through all phases of a construction project.